Achieving marketing and sales success in today’s business environment is more challenging than ever. The growing influences of online channels, emergence of technologies that have shifted power to the consumer, and an ever-changing media landscape have minimized the impact of traditional marketing strategies.
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FACIEN combines marketing expertise with unique, differentiated technologies to Generate Traffic to your business, Convert this traffic at a high rate, and Manage & Grow your business more effectively

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What makes your business unique? FACIEN will work with you to discover and assess your current status, your strengths, your capabilities, your resources, your ideas, and your opportunities. Equally imperative, we will also help you discover and overcome your weaknesses.


What are your aspirations for your business? FACIEN will help you articulate realistic goals for your business, short-term and long-term. With those goals in mind, growth and the road to success can be better defined.


What are the external conditions affecting your business? FACIEN will analyze your industry and your competitive landscape. A clear picture of your external conditions will give you a clear picture for your positioning.


Discovery, Goals and Research lead to a winning Strategy. With unequaled insight into best practices from leading companies around the world and in your industry, FACIEN will develop a strategy that is uniquely tailored for your business. It will serve as a guide for your branding, positioning, messaging, and value proposition. It lists and prioritizes actions and adjustments to how you present yourself online and offline. And it outlines go-to-market strategies and marketing promotions and plans to lead your business to success.


We want the privilege to handle your marketing. Here are a few reasons why you might consider giving us the opportunity and the privilege to handle your marketing needs:

Marketing is our core competency  With the strength of knowing traditional marketing and the proven experience in digital and social marketing, our marketing specialists are the best in the business. Let us focus on growing your business while you focus on running it.

We use unique technologies and processes that are not available elsewhere – Our marketing specialists are assisted and empowered with unique technologies that are designed for high efficiency.

Our services cover all essential aspects of marketing –     FACIEN is the one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs: generating traffic, coordinating your paid advertising, converting traffic to leads and leads to sales, engaging social audience and creating a community of loyal patrons, managing your customer database, designing, launching and reporting on multi-channel marketing campaigns, creating awareness … all from one source and in a comprehensive and consistent way.

We work as your partner – We start with helping you develop a marketing strategy, which will become the basis for delivery of marketing services.

We will take you beyond just offering your products or services to your customers – We will help you engage your customers to know and address their changing needs.

Compared to your existing option, our innovative services are more cost-effective – No need to buy or rent a platform, or hire marketing and IT resources to run marketing in-house. And there is no need to engage multiple, disjointed and expensive agencies. One company, our company, will handle your traffic, conversion and growth. We will do it with a mix of experienced marketing specialists and advanced technologies, and from strategy to implementation!

Let your company reach its full potential

with FACIEN Marketing Services.

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